Gain Peace of Mind.
Protect the ones you love with a custom estate plan.

Putting your affairs in order is crucial, yet an alarming number of people don’t take the necessary steps. Estate planning should be simple, fast, and convenient. Have a plan, not just a stack of documents.

“There is nothing like the death of a family member to bring out the true nature of people. Virtuous or conniving, generous or greedy. Many families have been destroyed by the lack of a proper estate plan.”

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“What you don’t know about tax planning can hurt you when the Federal Tax Cuts expire in 2025. Discover how to minimize taxes on your retirement income.”

Leverage Your Retirement has Partnered with Estate Plan Navigator™

You’ll be guided through the online questionnaire, taking a formerly complicated and time consuming task into an easy step by step process. With Estate Plan Navigator™ you’ll get:

  • A Custom Estate Plan based on your needs
  • An attorney to oversee your estate plan
  • A simple easy to use solution that saves you time and money
  • Safe and secure access to your documents
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High Quality, Custom Estate Planning Documents Reimagined

Estate planning isn’t just about creating a set of documents left to sit; it’s about funding, maintaining, and settling them when the time comes. With Estate Plan Navigator™ you can easily:

  • Create, execute and maintain your estate plan
  • Share your documents with your loved ones
  • Maintain and update as life changes
  • When the time comes, know your wishes will be carried out accurately

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