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Discover How To Keep Uncle Sam Away From Your Retirement Nest Egg.

FFA Enrichment Center, ROOM 114
10044 SW Prairie Trail Parkway
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Taxes Are On Sale – Leverage Today’s Lower Federal Tax Rates Before They Expire In 2025

Register Today For Our Free Leverage Taxes In Retirement Seminar.

Our Leverage Taxes In Retirement Seminar provides the educational information you need to understand how recent changes in the Federal tax code can help lower your taxes to near-zero.

  • How to avoid a “Tax Bomb” by timing withdrawals from your retirement accounts.
  • What gets taxed, why it’s taxed and by how much.
  • How Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) can bump you into higher tax brackets plus strategies to help eliminate the added tax burden.
  • How to leverage the $24,000 standard deduction for married couples to your advantage.
  • Why Roth conversions are more valuable when taxes are low and so much more.

Our seminars are for educational purposes only. No investments or financial products will be promoted at the event. However, our speakers may offer a private consultation. Your attendance at our seminar in no way obligates you to engage with the speaker for any service. See FAQs for complete information. Also review our Privacy Policy.

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